The qualified sales team here at Central Air Conditioning Pty Ltd consist of many years of experience, and can help you with everything from a small wall mounted split system to suit one bedroom, to a fully designed multiple indoor ducted VRV/VRF system to suit the largest of homes.

Our qualified sales team can meet with you to discuss your personal requirements which will consist of the system type and size, your zoning  requirements, as well as outlet types and location. From this a design and proposal can be completed to suit these requirements as well as your budget.

ducted air system

Ducted Air Conditioning involves having a fan coil (Indoor Unit) installed in the roof space or underfloor. The fan coil would have a number of ceiling or floor outlets connected to it.

There is also a condenser (Outdoor Unit), which is normally situated to the side or rear of the building.

Ducted systems can be zoned to provide the comfort required for various areas throughout the home.

ceiling condenser

A typical ceiling concealed fancoil (Indoor Unit)

mitsubishi condenser

Mitsubishi Electric Condenser (Outdoor Unit)

actron condenser

Actron Air Condenser (Outdoor Unit)

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